7/26 Piano Teacher Thank You Card

My daughter was four years old when she decided she wanted to learn how to play piano. Unfortunately, she was born into a very non-musical family. I actually tried to drop out of 4th grade recorder class because I just wasn't getting it. So, thinking she was just going through a phase, I ignored her. She persisted. She begged, whined and let me know on a daily basis that she really did want to learn how to play the piano. Finally, one day she told us that she wanted to learn all about music so that she could someday play piano in church and teach other kids how to play piano. She was seven almost eight and my husband and I decided to give in. Almost immediately, we were gifted a piano. Someone was giving a piano away on the radio to the first caller. I was the second caller and when the first caller backed out . . . we had a piano. Now, this piano was built in 1912. It needed two full days of work before it became fully tuned! But, we had our piano.

This fall will mark my daughter's third anniversary of piano lessons. She adores piano . . . adores her teacher and though very shy as far as talking to people, is NEVER shy about playing the piano! She will play for anyone and everyone. She loves to play at the nursing home when we visit her great-grandma. She really cannot walk by a piano without playing it! I've NEVER had to nag her about practicing - she practices several times a day without my ever telling her to. Have I bragged enough, yet?? lol!

This is Kasey's second year as Grand Champion in the Performing Arts division at our County Fair. I made this card as a personalized thank you card for Kasey to give to her piano teacher next week. It turned out pretty sweet. We plan to present her teacher with the card and a bouquet of flowers in appreciation for teaching Kasey all she knows about piano.

By the way, Kasey played To the Rising Sun composed by Trygve Torjussen and she played it perfectly. Below is the inside of the card.

The card is 5.25 inches square. I used background paper from the 6x6 Stella Ruby pad from Basic Grey. The music score is by Great Impressions. The vertical Thanks is from Kolette Hall - a Michael's dollar stamp. The inside sentiment by PSX says, "Memories close to my Heart are found in your Friendship."


Vianna said…
Please encourage and support your daughter in her desire to become a pianist. It's a genuine calling. My parents insisted I start learning the instrument when I was six, and I took lessons for ten years--hating every moment of it and the endless hours of practice I was suvjected to. Oh,I was good -very good, mind you - even got a scholarship ... But I did not have it in my heart to become a pianist. One can have talent by the truckload, but without dedication .. one will never become one with the music. I believe that when the Universe provided you with that piano, it sent you a message; I hope you will listen. Good luck to all of you - she's a darling little girl!
regards from a lady in Florida