4/12 My Daughter Kari

This is a 6x6 scrap book page featuring a picture of my daughter, Kari, taken about a year and a half ago when she was eleven. I am the official portrait photographer in the family since we got our Canon Digital Elph and a tri-pod. Taking pictures of my middle daughter can be quite a challenge though. Kari has a very dry sense of humor so it is hard to catch her smiling naturally. I usually have to take about 30 pictures of her to get one that we like. She just can't fake a smile and she doesn't think I'm particularly funny. My only consolation is that the people at Sears and Pro-Ex couldn't get her to smile either. But, I can truly say that my pictures have turned out better than theirs simply because I take oodles of shots . . . something they were not willing to do.
This is my first attempt at making a 6x6 scrapbook page with Stampin'Up products. I sold Creative Memories products for 10 years so putting a piece of hardware on a scrap book page was truly a trip for me!! Now I know what it feels like to be a rebel! lol! (It's kind of fun!!)
My supplies for this scrapbook page:
Stamps: Live Your Dream Paper: Chocolate Chip, Groovy Guava Ink: Chocolate Chip Accessories: Styled Silver Hardware, Poly-Twill Chocolate Chip Ribbon, Dimensionals, and a photo of my beautiful girl, Kari


Silli said…
Kari is so sweet:-) and the Lo is beautiful...!
Oh, your first s/b page with SU is beautiful -- you rebel, you!!! And your daughter is gorgeous -- she looks like a model from years gone by -- can't think of her first name, but wasnt' it Hemingway, the last name??? Do you remember who I mean? She REALLY resembles her!!! Was it Margo, or Muriel, or something like that -- could be wrong????
LeAnne said…
Your daughter is beautiful! Even if she doesn't smile, I'll bet her pix are gorgeous---and scrapbook-worthy!