I got a Blog Award!

Silke Ludlow presented me with my very first blog award!! Silke aka as sparklegirl at SCS has a delightful blog that I often cruise through. You can cruise it, too, by clicking HERE. I would like to bestow this award on the following:

And, maybe they've already received this award . . . but that's ok . . . it's double the fun to get an award twice over, right?

Susan Thomas aka Rainy over SCS. You can check out her awesome blog HERE.
Julie from Julie's Inkspot in London. Her cards are just delightful. Check it out HERE.
Silli from Germany. I have to be one of her biggest fans!!! Check it out HERE.

Today I am babysitting - maybe during naptime I will have time to stamp.
Have a great day, eveyone!!


Julie said…
Hi Kay

Just want to thank you for thinking of me, I do appreciate it.

silke said…
Kay - I'm so glad you've played and you have picked some good ones too - I'm off to browse the new award winners...Have a wonderful day!!!
Silli said…
Kay, I am happy! This is sooo sweet, many, many thanks...:-) My english is ....:-( But I am HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bye, Silli