7/25 I've been Tagged!

Oh, my gosh . . . I've been tagged!! lol! Thank you to Natalie. She has a lovely blog called Stamping with Natalie. I'm sort of lame when it comes to passing stuff on, especially since I'm probably about the last person in blog land to be tagged! But, I'll tell you 7 random things about me.

1. I raised pigeons for 7 years as a teenager. Modenas for those who care. To this day I have a small feeling of regret that I did not continue with this hobby into my adult hood. I think were I still a farm girl, I would have continued it. but living in the suburbs of Mpls/St. Paul . . . not so easy.

2. Yes. I used to be a farm girl. My dream is to someday live again on the family farm in south central Minnesota. It has been in our family for over 125 years. I miss it most every day of my life. But, I do enjoy my Caribou coffee stores every few miles here in the cities. Guess I'd have to give that up were I to go back to farm living.

3. I LOVE Caribou coffee. I make their coffee in my pot at home, but when I'm out and about I LOVE my coffee coolers. Even if it's 10 below - coffee coolers hit the spot!! (All three of my girls ages 14, 12 and 11 drink coffee, too.)

4. If I can't be stamping in my spare time, I like to be golfing. Any excuse to go golfing and I am there. I'll drop everything to golf. I wish I could say I was as good as my passion, but alas, if I break 100 there's something serious to celebrate! So, no, I'm not really that good. But, I do just LOVE it and can see myself golfing into my eighties!!

5. My husband still puts butterflies in motion when I look at him! I totally ADORE him and thank God every day to have him in my life. We met at 18 when he was a cook and I was a waitress at Perkins. We were both just starting college.

6. My hubby and I decided to homeschool out kids when I was pregnant with our first. So, for kindergarten through 6th grade, I am their teacher. For 7th and 8th grade, they attend a school that meets three days a week and then do school from home the other two days a week and then for high school, they will attend a local Christian school.

7. My most favorite meal is deer steak pounded in flour and fried in butter, a baked potato with butter and sour cream and a big bowl of vanilla ice cream with fresh raspberries.

So, is that fairly random? I did think of one more . . . I really don't care to go on long vacations. Isn't that funny? I think it's fun for a couple of days or so and then I'm ready to go home. I guess I'm a true homebody.

Well, have a perfectly lovely day. I am going to work on swaps for convention. I've put them off about as long as I dare to!! lol!


Nancy Riley said…
Kay, that was fun reading about YOU! I'm a farm girl too (Iowa), and I too would miss the conveniences of the suburbs!

(I'm not much for long vacations either!)
LeAnne said…
Thanks for sharing, Kay. I am fortunate enough to still live on PA land that has been in my family for about that long too. The farm buildings are long gone, but I can still look out on the fields. LOVE IT! Maybe I'll see you at convention--I am still working on swaps, grudgingly! And yes, I hate long vacations too. Don't tell my hubby!
Susan (rainy) said…
Loved reading about you, Kay! My hubby raised pigeons as a teenager, too. To this day he wishes that he could again, but like you, we live in the burbs and there are rules about such things! Hope you have a wonderful time at convention!