8/11 A Sock Monkey RAK!!

Look at what I got in my mailbox!! A fabulous sock monkey card!! Thank you so much, Debra! Debra has been my online RAK friend for several years now and I get so much delight from the cards she makes. She is very precise . . . and I just LOVE that!! And, you have to hear this story -

I knew she was going to be at Convention, she knew I was going to be at Convention. But, we both had never been before and it's just a little over whelming!! So, just hanging with the people I knew seemed a little challenging let alone trying to meet up with people I only knew from SCS.

But, luck was on our side. As many of you know, I'm kind of a coffee freak and even though my beloved Caribou was no where to be found in SLC, they did have a Starbucks just across the street. So I hopped on over and while I was standing there waiting for my drink to come up, I just happened to be looking around at some of the ladies standing near me. I noticed a tall, slim gal with kind eyes and when I looked at her name tag, I about FELL OVER!! It was dear Debra Tack!! We had a delightful ten minutes talking a mile a minute and then off we went our separate ways. But, how fun was that!! So, as soon as we got home, we sent each other our special sock monkey cards - reserved for the best of friends!!