5/16 Keep Calm and Carry On . . . the History in Video

I found out about a video that I wanted to share with you . . . the history of the words in one of our new hostess sets in the 2012-2013 Stampin' Up Catalog called "Carry On."

The words are "Keep Calm and Carry On" and I am so thrilled to share this with you because the bookstore where this poster was rediscovered is located in Alnwich, Northumbria, England where I went to college for a year and where my daughter, Karel, will be attending college in less than a year.

I know this is kind of silly, but the video actually brought tears to my eyes. Almost any images that I see from WWII do that to me. Plus I got all homesick for Alnwick.

Enjoy. Keep Calm and Carry On.

Have a wonderful day and thank you so much for stopping by Stamping to Share!

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LeAnne said…
Kay, this is wonderful! Thanks for sharing...I had no idea of its history; I now look at that stamp in a whole new light! Watching the video, I understand why you were homesick; it made me want to go there myself!
Donna said…
That is wonderful information! Thank you so much. I've seen the KEEP CALM on a couple of different things lately and was amazed. One was on "The Deadliest Catch" a show about crabfishing, it was on the boat and I believe said "Keep Calm and Keep Fishing" and then in Target last week I saw a small framed canvas of Keep Calm and Carry On.

Thank you for sharing this video!
irishgalkelly said…
This is awesome Kay! Thanks for sharing the real meaning behind the sentiment. Good luck to your daughter going to England. I see a poster in your near future! ; )
Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing! I'm currently stationed in England (originally from MN - coincidence? LOL) and this is everywhere. I've asked some British friends if they knew where this came from, as we see it everywhere, and all they could tell me was that it became popular about 20 yrs ago. So I googled it ;) I love it here and really don't want to leave, I've really enjoyed the country, history and especially the people here! VickyF.
Nan Goerlitz said…
Kay, thanks so much for sharing this. Like everyone, I keep seeing this "poster" and variations of it everywhere and have wondered what started it. It now has new meaning for me.
EMSchick@aol.com said…
Loved the video...thanks for posting. I had heard that Winston Churchill had said it in a speech during the war, but it looks as though the video sets things straight.....