9/16 Fun from Founder's Circle Day Four

One of the advantages of Founder's Circle is free time to relax and explore. On Saturday, a group of us hired a couple of guides from Paragon Adventures to take us on an excursion into the mountains that surround the St. George valley.
It is very much a wilderness area that we entered where you hike and climb at your own risk. I'm looking rather serene as I contemplate the top of the mountain! 
The guides looked for these rock cairns which marked the trails in the area.   
Here we are on our way up. The guides took tons of pictures and delivered a picture CD to our hotel room so we could share the memories.

This was a spot along the way where we decided to have the guides take a group picture. (Actually, we needed to catch our breath!!)

Not all of it was uphill. We had an amazing morning and our early start kept us cool.

St. George had some nice rain showers a day or two before we arrived so there were quite a few pools along the way. This particular one was a bit deeper so held the water longer. 
Our destination at the top was the large crater like area that also had a rather deep pool. It looked kind of like a gigantic toilet bowl!!

In the distance you can see the bumps on this particular mountain that give meaning to its name . . . Camel Back.

This was our reward for getting to the top! What a view!!

This is on our way down. The guides encouraged us to drink plenty of water so we paused occasionally for water breaks.

This was my favorite plant . . . a type of sage that when you rubbed it gave your hands a feeling and scent of being fresh washed. Kind of like nature's towelette.

We culminated the trip by driving a few miles up the road to Crawdad Canyon. Once there we put on all our gear and hard hats to zip line across the canyon. I'm sitting on the edge of a drop off. My heart was pounding to say the least!!

Zipping away through the trees!

And, I made it!! What a fun adventure packed morning! Afterwards we went out to eat at a local restaurant to stretch out the fun a little longer

Saturday evening found us at the Tuacahn Theater for the performance of Hairspray which was FABULOUS! It was an optional event, but I wouldn't have dreamed of missing it. I loved every minute of this outdoor performance! Above is one of my new friends, Kay Smith, from Canada. We both agreed that we don't often run into many people name Kay. She's a sweet heart and we got to know each other during the swapping session of our Business Share night.

And here we all are waiting for the performance to begin. Pam Morgan was so fun . . . she popped in to "picture bomb!" You can see her goofing off in the background! We laughed and laughed at all her goofy antics! In front of Pam you see Dania Welch, then Susie Wood, myself, Sharon McNeely, Sandy Hancock and Brenda Keenan.

And, when we got back to the hotel, our final pillow gifted awaited us.

A gorgeous charm bracelet which SU will add charms to when we attend future Founder's Circle trips. What a wonderful time, what wonderful memories. Thank you again, Stampin' Up.
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