9/20/13 Stampin' Up! Founder's Circle Day Two


Canyoneering with Paragon Adventures. This is before we jumped off cliffs, sloshed through water up to our necks and used toes and fingernails to scrabble up the side of a pretty sheer section of the mountain before climbing through every size boulder while dodging cactus and scrub brush. Did we have fun? We had a BLAST!!! I'll be sharing pictures from the CD we get when we get it! And what was so cool is that our guide, Matt, was a SCSU grad who studied abroad on the Alnwick Castle program. I think he said he was over there in '03. My daughter studied abroad on the same program this past spring of '13 and I studied abroad and lived in Alnwick Castle in '83-'84. That was kind of fun to find out and gave us a common bond right off the bat.

This is us later in the day after we cleaned up. We are all a bit tired, which is why I really didn't take  pictures today. But, I laughed myself silly. Of course I couldn't begin to do make and takes - that took far too much concentration!! So we just chatted, giggled and ate candy pretty much all afternoon. In the back we have Brenda Keenan and Rachel Tessman. In the front next to me is Julie Davison. A very fun day.



MarvA1ix said…
Sounds like you had a crazy good time. So adventurous.