Hooray for Golf Card - Just in Time for Father's Day! - How To Video Included

Here's a great card for the golfer you might know. It's always a great day when you can get out on the course. This ball looks like it is on the fairway, but I think it might be funny to make the grass a lot taller and kind of hide the ball in it to represent being "in the rough." I usually spend a lot of time hitting out of the rough when I'm golfing so I'm sure if my husband made a card like this for me . . . he'd have to modify it a bit . . . or maybe even take the ball off the card altogether as in "Where's my ball?" A rather unfortunate question that I am often asking when I go golfing with him! lol! Enjoy the how to video and have a great day!

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PatM said…
I can't tell you how much I enjoy your tutorial videos. If there is anybody that deserves a huge applause...it is YOU! You inspire and encourage and even though you are far away, you just have to be my SU Rep!
Kay Kalthoff said…
Thank you, Pat!! Your comment just made my day and I truly appreciate that you took the time to comment and praise. Big, big HUG!!