Perfect Product Shares - Pictures, the Link and My First "Face On" Video!

We have been busy like bees around here getting things ready for mailing out Stamping to Share Perfect Product Shares this week. Above is a sweet divider box that makes organizing my the shares so nice and easy. I purchased this box at Hobby Lobby in Rochester, MN when I was visiting my daughter over Spring Spring break. 

Paper Share Part One

Paper Share Part Two

2015-16 In Color Ribbon

2014-16 In Color Ribbon

 Stitched Satin Ribbon 

A few of our new embellishments . . . 

And . . . have you ever wondered what I look like? I have many long distance customers that "know my hands" really, really well! lol! But, maybe it is time to meet the person connected to those hands! I did my very first "face on" video today to talk to you about my Stamping to Share Perfect Product Shares. 

Please click on Stamping to Share Perfect Product Shares to get all the details about how you can be a part of these shares. Thank you!!

This Week's Most Awesome Deals!
Available through 6/22


Pat M said…
Hello Kay,
LOVED your first "Face On" video! You are such a pleasant lady and the sweet smile goes right along with your personality. I enjoyed seeing all the SU product shares which amounts to lots of work for your girls. Thank you for sharing your talents with us.
Summer has definitely come to the was 95+ here today.
Hope you have a great week!
Kay Kalthoff said…
Thank you, Pat!! And, my girls love the pretty ribbons . . . and they are usually watching movies while they wrap so it's not too tough on them! haha! Stay cool! Hugs -